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Adaptive Physiology is a new system, bespoke for the Tyranids, that lets you represent the myriad adaptations of the Great Devourer. A Carnifex with Synapse? A pack of camouflaged Tyranid Warriors? It’s all possible thanks to Psychic Awakening. We’ll be previewing these systems in more depth soon, so stay tuned!

Just who could stand before such a tide of horrors? We can think of no one better than Mephiston, the Lord of Death! Reborn (again) after crossing the Rubicon Primaris, the new Mephiston is an exemplar of the terrifying grace of the Blood Angels – not to mention a great presentation piece for a painter.

Chapter Approved 2019

Az éves könyv, új pontokkal, küldetésekkel, szabályokkal.

Kill Team: Annual 2019

A Chapter Approved könyvhöz hasonlóan, sok extra szabályt tartalmaz majd, valamint a White Dwarf újságokban korábban megjelent mindenféle extrával.